Crown Appointment

-  A crown procedure will consist of two appointments.  The first appointment will be for preparation of the tooth for crown, which may or may not require the need for a composite core to give the tooth a better foundation for future crown.  A temporary crown will be made and cemented before you leave.  This appointment will be the longest appointment of the two (1.5 hours).   There will be approximately two weeks in between the first appointment and the second for the lab to fabricate the crown.  The second appointment will consist of removing the temporary crown, which usually does not require anesthetic.  The crown is tried in, adjustments are made, and cemented onto the tooth.

Temporary Crown - Careful brushing around gum area.  Avoid sticky or very hard foods on tooth.  When flossing, pull floss through space between teeth, DO NOT pull floss back up through contact.  If temporary should come off or break, please contact us immediately to resolve issue.

Final Crown - Careful brushing around gum area for the first few days.  Wait 1 hour before eating after cementation.  Return if you notice any problems with the bite after functioning on the crown.